The Littlehampton Bonfire 2019 has been cancelled!

Unfortunately the parade and bonfire for this year has been called off due to a significant number of matters not being finalised, and a lack of volunteers. Ever increasing costs, onerous health & safety requirements, and dwindling income threatens the existence of the society. We urgently require new members, volunteers, and sponsors to ensure that the society can survive.

This year there will be limited celebrations which are organised by William Cole’s Funfair and not by our society; the fair will be here and there will be fireworks.

Littlehampton Bonfire Society

Littlehampton’s famous Bonfire Celebrations regularly attract large crowds to witness the spectacular torchlight processions, mammoth bonfire and seafront firework display.

We always hold our celebrations on the last SATURDAY of OCTOBER. As well as providing entertainment for residents and visitors, the event enables us to support many local charities and good causes.

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