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Prize Draw

Littlehampton Bonfire Society is seeking feedback from those who attended our event. Simply complete our feedback form, and you’ll be in with a chance to win a collection of goodies worth over £60! Certain items in the gift hamper can be personalised! More details are available on the feedback form.


Some of these would make great gifts and stocking fillers!

Littlehampton Bonfire Society Merchandise

  • LBS Pen
  • LBS Pencil
  • LBS 2021 Badge
  • LBS 2021 Limited Edition Gold Badge
  • LBS Fridge Magnet
  • LBS Torch
  • 50th Anniversary Badge
  • 60th Anniversary Badge
  • LBS Keyring


  • Reflective Safety Badges
  • Reflective Safety Zipper Pulls
  • Badge Assortment
  • Small Pocket/Purse Mirror

Personalised Gifts

The following items can be personalised with names or other text!

  • Wooden Yo-yo
  • Take Away Decision Dice
  • Glass Mirrored Coaster
  • Bottle Opener
  • Wooden Pocket/Purse Mirror

Please note that the prizes are subject to change at any time.

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Littlehampton Bonfire Night 2021

Please note that the bonfire will be open for wood drop-off from Tuesday. (9 am – 5 pm)

Littlehampton Bonfire is returning! From 10 am you will find the Artisan Market out on the High Street. Our collectors and programme sellers will also be out and about.

In the afternoon from 2 pm, the fair will open on the seafront. Finally, in the evening there will be a procession through the town, followed by the lighting of the bonfire and firework display. There will be food and drink stalls, and the fair is open until late.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Please Note

We would like to advise our members and friends of Bonfire that we have a new route.

This year the procession will lead off down Church St from the junction with Fitzalan Rd. the rest of the route is unchanged.

In the interests of helping to keep socially distance as much as possible, can we suggest that the roads that are usually ‘quieter’ are Church Street and St Catherine’s Road. These may mean easier viewing.

Alternatively filtering along the route towards the green and socially distancing as much as is possible will help us to keep Covid-19 away. The fireworks are able to be seen from most places on the green.

There will be road closures in place on the night and parking will be limited. Please do not park in any area with the signs, or you may get towed away.

Although we have decided to publish this information here, we would ask that you still buy a programme for £1 which helps towards our costs next year and gives extra details about the night.

Road Closures

  • Fitzalan Road (south)
  • Maltravers Road (West)
  • Granville Road (west)
  • Granville Road (east)
  • Maltravers Drive
  • Church Street (east)
  • Fitzalan Road (north)
  • Goda Road
  • Church Street
  • East Street / Church Street
  • Beach Road
  • Maltravers / Beach Road
  • Pier Road / South Terrace
  • Harvester car park entrance
  • Beach Rd (south)
  • Fitzalan Road / South Terrace
  • Beach Cres / South Terrace
  • St Winifreds / South Terrace
  • Norfolk Road / South Terrace
  • Sea Road (east)
  • Irvine Road / St Catherines (West)
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Thank you to our 2021 sponsors

Recycle Southern

Cuff Miller

Brookside Caravan Park

Saywell International

Ockendens Property Management

Matchboard International

Molica Franklin

Littlehampton Fish & Chips

The Arun View

Barry Winter

Levett & Quinn Limited

E J Moyle

The New Inn

Windward Grove Estate Agents

Roberts Transport Self Drive Hire

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2021 Bonfire Celebrations

Littlehampton Bonfire Night is coming back this year after two years, Welcome residents and surrounding Communities of Littlehampton, my name is Barry Bastable, and I am the current Chairman and Event Commander in Chief for Bonfire Night, which is due to be held on the Saturday 30th October 2021. The Society is pleased to confirm that our event has been given approval to take place by the Safety Advisory Group, and we are prepared for what we hope will be a successful and safe event for all. With spectators’ safety in the forefront of our minds, we have been working well with all our partners and adhering to the purple guide for events, due to constant changes in government legislation and health and safety regulations it is taking a hit on Society funds. The event costs are rising to approximately £30,000 pounds. You as the public can help ensure the future of our society event by donating via our website,

Based on the 2019 estimated population of Littlehampton and the surrounding area of 59,171, if half of the Littlehampton area population donated just £1 via our website this would almost cover the event costs for 2022 and beyond if this happened every year. The future of this amazing event and society that supports local charities is in the public’s hands.

2021 is an exciting time for the Bonfire Society, it has a new Committee that’s been working very hard to bring you a fantastic event. This year will be slightly different as our route has been amended by cutting Granville Road, St, Winifred’s and the Sportsman roundabout. We have done this to improve access for vehicles being able to get around our event and address crowd issues on the roundabout. We have also brought the start time forward for the main procession starting at an earlier time of 19:30 pm. After the success of the new firework companies display in 2019 (after the generous anonymous donation which allowed the Bonfire Society to put this on) Jonathan’s Fireworks will be providing a display for us this year and have promised an exciting and interesting display. Our last biggest success for 2021 under the new Committee is gaining a sponsor Recycle Southern from Bognor providing wood for our fire as well as clearing the site afterwards, saving the Society a lot of money. This does mean the Society will not be accepting any waste from large businesses, however local residents are welcome from Tuesday the 26th October from 9am to Thursday the 28th October, the site will be open daily from 9am and will close at 5pm.

During the day in the town on Bonfire Night the Society will have collectors and has teamed up with LOCA (Littlehampton Organisation of Community Arts) to bring you entertainment.

We are still seeking volunteers for marshalling and require 120 in total, we are ahead of previous years for volunteers however, we still require approximately 40 more to ensure we meet our safety obligations. We are also seeking help with erecting crowd barriers Saturday morning and clearing up on the Sunday morning which includes assisting with bringing the barriers in. We have over 2,000 torches to prepare for bonfire night and we appreciate help with this tremendous task. Lastly, could I make a plea for collectors on our night walking with the procession to help us to continue to maintain our record of collecting more than any Bonfire Society in Sussex.

May I personally take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support of our event and look forward to speaking and seeing residents and participants of our event on Saturday 30th October 2021. Littlehampton Bonfire Society is always looking for new members and is a friendly and welcoming society. If interested in joining please contact Charlotte Grimes our Membership Secretary: or you can join by visiting our website.

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Message from the Chairman

Barry Bastable, Chairman

Welcome! May I introduce myself, as the new Chairman of the Littlehampton Bonfire Society for 2021 and [hopefully] for many years to come. My name is Barry Bastable and I am also the society’s Commander in Chief for our event. Following our AGM which took place in February of this year, I am pleased to say that we have a new committee which consists of persons of varying experience and age who bring different ideas and both modern and traditional ways of working in order to meet the ever growing demands of putting together an event such as ours!

The past year has presented all of us with many challenges and imposed many pressures on our communities and our personal lives. The committee of LBS and I recognise the happiness that our event can bring is more important now than ever. Over the years we have raised many thousands of pounds for many local charities and brought joy to our community. Therefore, with this in mind, I would personally like to put out a request for volunteers for all of the various roles throughout the year which are necessary for our event, so that we may raise money and hopefully be able to beat the record!

The committee are incredibly positive and in order to adapt to the ever growing pressures we have made changes to continue to bring you a traditional event for the community of Littlehampton! Hopefully these changes will ensure we can run for another 60 years. We also have our fingers crossed that Covid becomes a thing of the past.

I hope the community of Littlehampton and beyond will be pleased to hear of the committee’s positivity and that our plans for a 2021 event are well underway. To ensure this event is as big and as well attended as previous years, we need the community of Littlehampton and beyond to join in, whether it be walking groups, bands, floats or other Bonfire Societies entering our procession. If anyone reading this is interested in taking part, please contact the society’s secretary for more information: Joan Newman ( We also require volunteers for assisting throughout the remainder of 2021 with our fundraising events / stalls, assistance throughout the year making torches, dipping torches in the lead up to the event, assistance with building / guarding the bonfire and marshalling the event. Please note all roles that are required to be filled will be advertised later in the year via our Facebook page, society website and via the Gazette. However, should you feel interested now in fulfilling any of the above roles please contact Joan Newman for more information. If you would like to join as a member please contact the society’s membership secretary Charlotte Grimes ( who will ensure you are welcomed and that you have all the information you require. The society welcomes new members, they are vital if the society is to have a long term future.

Lastly, as you may be aware our event costs approximately £30,000 a year! I know more than ever that companies and our supporters have been feeling the pinch and pressures of the pandemic. The committee and I have been incredibly touched by the level of financial support offered over the years on which we continue to depend. May I ask that if any person or company in a position to donate towards our event supports us? Other ways of supporting us can be to donate bits and bobs for our market / fundraising stalls or by gift vouchers or other means that we can use to raise money.

I am sure I can speak for us all when I say we all need a spark or two in our lives this year. LBS plans to set off with a bang in October! May I end by thanking everyone for all their continued support and well wishes. I hope to continue to serve LBS as Chairman for many more years to come and look forward to meeting you all on Saturday the 30th October 2021
Kind Regards

Barry Bastable
LBS Chairman

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Directors, Officers, and Committee 2021

Please see below for the list of the society’s directors, officers and committee.

Directors LBS

  • Barry Bastable
  • George Pewsey
  • Joan Newman
  • Sarah Roberts
  • Glenn Donaldson
  • Tyndall Jones
  • David Wilson.

Officers of Committee

  • Chairman: Barry Bastable
  • Vice-Chairman: George Pewsey
  • Commander in Chief: Barry Bastable
  • Chief Parade Marshal: Glenn Donaldson
  • Treasurer: Sarah Roberts
  • Secretary: Joan Newman
  • Membership Secretary: Charlotte Grimes
  • Captain of Torches: Mick Rowbotham
  • PR/Newsletter Secretary: Sue Baker

General Committee

  • Tyndall Jones
  • Jeffrey Driver
  • Geoff Preistnall
  • Stuart Capelin
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Committee Nominations 2021

Here are the nominations for the committee this year.

1978 – Float driver for many years
2000 – Collector / Road Closures
2001 – Torch Marshal / Bonfire Building / Guarding
2002 – Banner Carrier
2005 – Torch Making / Building / Guarding / Erecting of safety barriers etc.
2018 – Captain Of Torches On Going To Present Date
Have been an active member for many years.

Although relatively new to Littlehampton, having moved here in 2013, I was keen to get involved in the local community. I joined the society a few years ago, and I’m also on the management team of a local charity.

I’ve been on the committee for around a year, and really hope to continue to help the society thrive. Since I’ve been a member of the society I have used my professional skills and experience to help it. I redeveloped the society website, adding an online shop allowing members to easily pay for their memberships online. Also, I have produced marketing material and am producing some branded merchandise.

I have a raft of ideas to help drive up memberships and increase donations which I aim to develop and start implementing early this year.

There are personal reasons for wanting to see the society endure for many years to come, such as my kid, who loves being involved with the society, and I want him to continue to enjoy it (and my potential grandchildren too!) Outside of personal reasons, the society is also a huge force for good, raising money for local charities and groups, and I enjoy knowing that it brings pleasure to many people. More than ever, the local community needs support during these difficult times.

Hi, my name is Stuart. I have been a member for 19 years. I help out on the market stall and go to the out meetings helping to carry the banner on occasions. I also help set up stalls at fundraisers such as Armed Forces day. I help with the guarding and bonfire building and like meeting people. I enjoy being a member and like being on the committee as I would like to give more help to the society to make it be as good as it can be. I have always wanted to be a member from when I was a kid and plus my auntie and uncle have also been members in the past. I love our motto ‘burn to do good’

Although I have loved the spectacle and magic of the Littlehampton Bonfire Society’s annual event since I first went as a child (excepting for the Zulu with the bone through his nose – he always scared me), my first outings with a Sussex bonfire group was with Lindfield (a friend invited me along). I really loved going to out-meetings with Lindfield and then at one meeting I saw some people dressed in North American Native dress. I was wearing my smugglers stripes and it hit me: I live in Littlehampton, why was I marching with Lindfield? So I went to see Tyn, paid my £5 and joined the line-up for our event.

The following year I joined the ranks of the regular fund-raising and the torch-making teams. Giving some of my time to these events helped me to feel a real part of the society and the following year when I lined up on our night I felt that this time I had earned the right to be there!

A couple of years ago there was a vacancy on the committee and they were looking for help: someone to take over writing the newsletters. I had no experience of doing anything like that, but I offered my support and have been doing the newsletters for several years now.
When Chris Alderton needed to step away last year as the minutes secretary, I was asked if I would take on the job. Since then I have done my very best to maintain the high standards required for the job.

The last several years have been very challenging on the committee. One may imagine that not putting on an event would significantly reduce the work of the roles on the committee. Whilst we didn’t make any torches last year or hold many fund-raising events, there have been many meetings to write the minutes for and several newsletters. And of course none of us have had the usual pay-off of actually putting on a successful event. It has been hard.
My wish for the society is that it is enabled with your support to go on and that more generations of Littlehampton children may enjoy the spectacle of a local torch-light parade, bonfire and fireworks. If I can be a part of what brings that magic into being, then that is why I put myself forward for the roles again.

I have been a member for the last four years after hearing that the society desperately needed a secretary to be able to continue. I was originally a member from the age of 5 until my late teens. I was a bit taken aback when I saw the lists of jobs that the secretary was currently doing as it was the work at least four people but due to some super members taking some of these jobs it became slightly more manageable.

I ran the office of a local company for over twenty years and still work for them managing accounts, banking and wages. I also volunteer at a local school hearing the children read (retired qualified Teacher working with Adults with learning disabilities) and I am also a licensed chaperone to enable children up to the age of 16 to be able to participate in theatres and dancing performances. I am a crafter and hold a craft market once a month. I am also involved in my grandchildren’s lives whenever and wherever possible.

I help with the society’s fundraising at the many stalls and the May fair whenever I can and go to many out-meetings for the society.

I have been a member for around 17 years with 12 years on committee, 9 general, 1 vice chair and 2 as chair. Producer of programme for 7 years and banner carrier for 10 years. I am the lorry driver distributing and collecting road signs, cones etc on the day before and the actual day.

Until 2018, minibus driver to out-meetings (we now use our own cars to save society money). I help with Bonfire building/guarding & rotas, help oversee/reply to emails to society and the website until its relaunch in 2019. I have attended the monthly committee meetings and help with various other duties and requirements throughout the year.

After bonfire night when most people have gone home and are tucked up in bed, I and a team of helpers are again going around and collecting road signs etc. to store away until the following year. We don’t get to bed much before 4am!

I have been a member for over 10 years as my family were members for many years. My wife and family are also involved in the Society and have been since it started. I have always taken an active role in contributing to put the night on and, supporting various events throughout the year with fundraising, torch making, dipping, marshalling, bonfire building and guarding.

I go to as many out-meetings as I am able to attend and I parade on our night and at out-meetings in traditional native American costume which I am proud to wear.

Whilst I love the social side of the bonfire events. I also get great satisfaction from taking an active role in the society. I joined the committee in 2011 but stood down in 2018 due to personal reasons. For the past year, I have been Vice Chairman, and also Commander in Chief Elect, working closely with our Society safety representative, ADC, and other partners. I was appointed as a Director in late 2020, this was due to wishing to continue to further support existing Directors and to assist in the continuation of the Society.

In my professional life I work within the public sector, dealing with the public and handling complex issues and situations. Within my role I have experience of working with Community Partners to solve problems and deal with a wide range of Community issues.

I have lived & worked in Littlehampton my entire life.  I used to run David O Jones sports shop in the town & I retired in 2009.

I have collected for the bonfire society for approx 45 years & joined as a member in 1990.
I have no specific role within the society but am heavily involved in the fundraising side of things, including the market stalls. 

I act as a general dogs’ body; helping to distribute the newsletters & make the torches, put up posters, organise help with and run the monthly town market stall. I help with transport to out-meetings and fill in wherever I am able. Members can come in to see me in the shop for any help they may need.

I am a Director of the Limited company, The Littlehampton Bonfire Society Ltd.  I attend all out-meetings as a travelling collector. I attend the majority of the committee meeting.

I have been a member of LBS since 2017, and became actively involved in the society in 2018 when I took over the role of membership secretary.

I have helped at fundraising events and went to several out-meetings in the 2019 season with my son Dudley (4Yrs old who just loves being in the processions!).

I am one of the core members of the “torch making team”.

I am the Productivity Manager at an asbestos company in Brighton.

I first joined the society in 2005 by going on a few memorable out meetings. The crowds were huge but the buzz was just as big. During my time with the society I have helped in many ways
with helping build the bonfire some years, and also many long hours guarding. A few times I put my hand to making the torches but my main duties was being a marshal along the seafront for our event which over the years has been both fun and hectic.

I remember the locals celebs that we had living along the terrace coming out and joining in the fun, such as late Ziggy Byfield and Alan Minter. Many of times whilst on duty he would see me walking up and down the road making sure everyone was in a safe position
and when I had a few minutes he would shout me over for a quick coffee.

I love to see the children’s faces light up when the floats and groups walk past and then grin from ear to ear seeing the different costumes from all the different societies walk past. Every year I see those children’s faces when the bonfire is lit and the fireworks are exploding high in the sky and I say to myself, yes we’ve done a good job and the children are happy.

My goal is to see my local community year in year out supporting LBS so we can support local charities in out area.

My new role as chief parade marshal is different from what I have been used to, but with the years that I have been doing marshalling duties, and with the help of friends and those I’ve previously worked with, I’m confident that I can continue to support the community and the society in the future as we strive to prepare, plan, and put on safe and enjoyable events.

I have been a member of Littlehampton Bonfire Society for 38 years during which time I have been involved in putting on Bonfire night and representing the Society at out meetings and driving minibuses, and participating in fundraising events.

I intend to continue helping with the market stall and any other jobs where man and vehicle are needed. I would hope that my working life experience gained over 57 will be of help to the committee.

I wish to continue assisting the Society to Burn to do good work.

I’m George, and I am happy to be part of LBS.

A bit about me. Im early 40’s, and live in Bognor Regis. I’ve been around the area, living in Bognor, Chichester and Tangmere all my life.

I work full time for the local NHS ambulance service, providing emergency 999 cover to the local area (including Littlehampton) in ambulances and cars. Before that, I worked for 15 years for a large retailer, as part of their Loss Prevention department – which involved conflict management, managing others, and creating and maintaining relationships with store management teams.

Alongside working full time at the above jobs, I started and maintained my own little enterprise – EMS Services. I created EMS because I saw security and stewarding companies providing low paid, under trained staff, who weren’t interested in providing a good service to clients. I started off as my first large job…. To Littlehampton bonfire. It was certainly a baptism of fire, and taught me a lot about event safety, and staffing. 7 years later, I made the decision to stop providing stewards to events, and decided to give something back to the society, by providing my expertise for no cost, for the benefit of the society.

I hold qualifications in emergency ambulance support, along with major incident training, safeguarding, fire safety, Advanced blue light driving, and a few others I’ve forgotten !. My experience of staffing events and running events should help me within LBS.

I hope to provide something back to the society – my good knowledge and expertise from many years of working Littlehampton bonfire, my knowledge of the JEC and council process, and relationships with the emergency services.

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Happy New Year

2020 has been extremely difficult for everyone. We all hope that 2021 brings you fulfilment and all those things that you’ve been looking forward to.

Littlehampton Bonfire Society is gearing up to come back with renewed energy, once more hoping to put on the large celebrations we’re known for, and again raising funds for those charities and groups that benefit from the society’s donations.

We’re feeling very hopeful for 2021, moving forward and continuing to “burn to do good.”

We would love for you to join us in making Littlehampton a better place for everyone. Please become a member and get involved.

Thank you.

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2020 Celebrations have been cancelled.

After our latest committee meeting we’ve come to the difficult decision to cancel this year’s bonfire celebrations. This is due to the coronavirus pandemic. We had made great strides in preparing for the night, but unfortunately we could not have guaranteed an event which would keep people safe from the virus. We will be back with a bang in 2021. Stay safe.

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Recruiting Members & Volunteers, 2020

It’s that time of year when we’re recruiting new members and volunteers, please follow the link below to see how you can help. Thank you!

There’s a wide range of roles and duties which need to be fulfilled, ranging from bonfire building and guarding, to fundraising and manning stalls. No matter your ability, there will be something you can do to help.