Our society does not have a set costume and most are acceptable other than camouflage and hoops. These are jumpers or tops in bands of colours at are only used for our torch marshals.

Our bonfire society is well known for the amazing Native American outfits and our Tudor costumes. These costumes can be handmade or bought and some websites are listed at the bottom.

We also have a number of cowboy and girls at our out meetings and this costume could be a good starter. The minimum requirement for this costume is black jeans/trouser or skirt, check shirt, neckerchief and hat. Of course more elaborate cowboys and girls are welcome too. Many add waistcoats, badges and other eye catching details. No trainers to be worn.

For the American Native costumes these can start as a basic costume and be added to as you wish to make the costume unique to you. Amazing beaded strips and rosettes are made by Melanie Bastable and these certainly make the costumes stand out. Mel can be contacted via the society email listed below .

Tudor costumes again can be made or bought and Linda Oliver is willing to make some costumes. Please contact her via the Society email.

Some websites for costumes and craft supplies:

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