Programme Design Competition

Each year, local school children will have the opportunity to have their design featured on the front and rear cover/inside front cover on the bonfire programme.

Competition not running in 2020 due to the Coronavirus.

Front Cover

The front cover design is open to the interpretation of the entrants. Any medium or style may be used to create the image, though the final piece must be submitted as a digital image. See the specifications below.

Rear Cover/Inside Front Cover

The rear cover design must be a plea for people to sign up and become members. The future of the society is at risk if we cannot continue to recruit new members and active volunteers. Any medium or style may be used to create the image, though the final piece must be submitted as a digital image. See the specifications below.


  • Entries must be submitted between 1st June and 30th June of the current year
  • There are two age groups, one for those in primary school, and one for secondary
  • The chosen designs may be picked from one, or both age groups
  • One entry per category, per child, per year
  • The work must be your own, and not plagiarized
  • Any medium accepted, but final submission must be as a digital image
  • You are responsible for ensuring that your entry reaches us on time
  • The decision of the Littlehampton Bonfire Society (LBS) committee is final
  • You retain ownership of the work, however, you allow LBS to freely use your design in communication and promotional material etc. for an indefinite period. Where feasible, you will be credited accordingly
  • Should no suitable image be submitted, LBS are free to choose a previous entry, or provide their own designs
  • At the discretion of the LBS committee, entries can be declared void or not fit for inclusion into the competition


In order for your design to be entered into the competition, images must be submitted in a digital format suitable for inclusion into printed material. It is the responsibility of the entrant, or their parent/guardian to ensure that these specifications are adhered to.

If you are unable to submit your entry in a suitable format, seek help from your school, friends or family. In rare instances, we may be able to help you but this depends on a number of factors, and help is not guaranteed. (E.g. your entry is a sculpture but you don’t have access to professional photographic equipment.) You should submit your entry, and request help the earliest that you can.

  • The image must be at least A4 (A3 or A2 preferred)
  • Portrait orientation
  • At least 300dpi (Dots per inch. This is the print resolution)
  • If saving as a JPEG, choose the highest quality settings
  • Other file formats may be submitted, but may not be accepted
  • Try and keep files under 250mb

Sending Files

If sending large files, we recommend using a service such as WeTransfer

Please send your entries to:

Please include:

  • The subject ‘LBS Design Competition (current year)’
  • Your name
  • Title of your piece (if it has one)
  • Whether you’re in primary or secondary school
  • Name of your school
  • Your age
  • Your date of birth (in case we receive entries from people with the same name)
  • Email address
  • Postal address

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