Get Involved!

Each year we rely heavily on members and volunteers to help us put on the celebrations each year. The bonfire celebrations don’t ‘just happen’, there’s a dedicated group of people working voluntarily to ensure that it does. We are always in need of new members and volunteers coming forward to help us out.

    • The small membership fee doesn’t just provide us with much needed funds, it gives you additional benefits, including the member’s only newsletter, events, and the option to stand for committee.
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    • There are a huge number of tasks which need doing, and roles which need to be filled. Without volunteers coming forward, the bonfire celebrations cannot go ahead.
    • Volunteer today
    • The cost of the bonfire celebrations are likely to exceed £25,000! Each year, costs rise, partly due to additional health and safety demands. We require sponsors to help fund the celebrations and ensure we can go ahead.
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