Job Description – Chief Parade Marshal

  • To Assist the Commander in Chief throughout the year on any safety and Bonfire issues. They will assist allocating out marshal positions, sending out letters detailing their duty with a safety leaflet, and any other deemed relevant information.
  • The Chief Parade Marshal will hold a marshals meeting at the HQ Littlehampton Baptist Church Prior to the commencement of the Celebration. The purpose of this meeting will be to ensure all marshals are fully briefed, outlining their duties and responsibilities as a marshal, and who they may contact in an event of an emergency. There will also be an opportunity to ask any questions.
  • During the build of the Bonfire/Bonfire week the Chief Parade Marshal will be the Commander in Chief’s deputy in his absence.
  • The Chief Parade Marshall will take responsibility of the Bonfire guarding rota duty, including caravan safety poster, general information, help list and the site risk assessment.
  • Assist with erecting crowd barriers and safety fencing on the day of the event. They will also assist after the event collecting them in.
  • The Chief Parade Marshal will be situated in the front of the procession, wearing a high visibility jacket and equipped with a radio. They will be given a list detailing road closures and the times that these are required to be closed. They will liaise With Event Security/Commander in Chief ensuring that these closures and any problems including obstructions are dealt with prior to the commencement of the procession.
  • Memorial Service, the Chief Parade Marshal will have overall supervision of marshals. This will include ensuring the correct number of marshals are present, and that there is efficient traffic management to ensure safety for members involved and the public, prior to the start of the procession and the return. At all times will be Chief Parade be required to update the event coordinator, event security and the Commander in Chief.
  • The Chief Parade Marshal will assist the Commander in Chief in the preparations for lighting the fire and will help to light the fire including LBS fire banners on the night. After the firework display the Chief Parade Marshal will help the Commander in Chief to form up ready for the return procession. They will walk with the procession to ensure it is safe to continue back to the HQ Littlehampton Baptist Church.
  • Prior to the closing down of the Event the Chief Parade Marshal and Commander in Chief will return to the Bonfire Site to check all is safe and secure.
  • On the day the barriers arrive, they are responsible for ensuring we have the amount that arrives is correct as ordered. On return they will ensure we have the correct amount due to be returned. Council barriers will be kept separate from the hire barriers when collected in for the collection.

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