Job Description – Secretary


  • Attend committee meetings (usually 11 a year)
  • Prepare agendas for committee and annual AGM meetings
  • Work closely with the Commander in Chief throughout the year
  • Supply information for publication on society’s website
  • Submit Annual Return and details of changes in directors and secretary to Companies House
  • Deal with sundry emails, phone calls, and correspondence throughout the year

Involvement in all aspects or organising Bonfire Night including but in no particular order

  • Prepare road closure application
  • Prepare parking suspension application
  • Booking tow away trucks
  • Advising bus companies of road closures
  • Agreeing with Town Council duties to be undertaken
  • Obtaining quotes and ordering crowd barriers (check number needed first)
  • Arranging collection of spent torches
  • Arranging use of various loaned equipment – e.g. batteries, torch lorry
  • Inviting judges and agreeing on duties with the chairman of judges
  • Submitting event application to Arun District Council
  • Informing coastguards and harbour Master of the firework display
  • Checking and agreeing with annual insurance cover (currently Treasurer)
  • Updating and printing of safety leaflets check first
  • Obtaining permission for SECAMB emergency helicopter landing
  • Requesting WSCC not to issue skip licenses during the event
  • Submitting street trading consent and list of vendors to ADC
  • Obtain permission from Southern Water to extract water at the Bonfire site
  • Dealing with refreshment vendor applications, preparing permits and final details
  • Booking first aid cover and agreeing on duties
  • Booking the fire brigade and agreeing on duties
  • Correspond with beneficiaries
  • Arrange vehicle and driver to distribute and collect crowd barriers
  • Book mobile public address and master of ceremonies
  • Obtain marshal, meet with C in C and event co-ordinator to agree on duties, prepare and send details to marshals
  • Maintain spreadsheet of marshals and duties
  • Maintain spreadsheet of bonfire builders, torch dippers etc volunteers and sending reminders
  • Deal with matters arising from committee and SAGs meetings as necessary
  • Prepare and distribute all thank you letters

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