Although bonfire night had to be cancelled: we are pleased to announce that Bill Coles fun fair will be operating on the promenade as usual on Saturday 26th October AND that a very generous, anonymous friend of the bonfire society has come forward and paid for the firework display that was to have taken place had our night gone ahead as originally planned! Please note the pyrotechnics firm booked for this year is new to us, so expect something different!

Bill Coles has kindly agreed that a collection may take place during the fireworks display for the benefit of the Bonfire society to help to offset the considerable costs involved in cancelling our event and towards society funds.

The fireworks display will be from approx 20:30.

2020 and Onwards

The Littlehampton Bonfire Society is in crisis and without your support, one of the best bonfire celebrations in the country could be lost forever. Please consider becoming a member and volunteering to help out. Thank you.

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