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We Burn to do Good

Local charities and good causes have benefited by £8,216 from the street collections at Littlehampton Bonfire Society’s 2014 traditional bonfire celebrations.

The main beneficiary, St Barnabas House, received £4,000 to purchase an ultra low bed in memory of the society’s former Chairman, Miss Dorothy Clevitt MBE. Other beneficiaries included Littlehampton Swimming Club and Arun Co-ordinated Community Transport who each received £500.

At a presentation at St Barnabas House on Saturday a delighted Neil Francis, Community Fundraising Officer of the hospice.

‘£4,000 is truly amazing – thank you to Littlehampton Bonfire Society from us all here at the hospice. Ultra low beds are of great benefit to patients who are especially vulnerable to rolling out of bed. The beds also help the patients to be more independent, as they can be lowered so that the patients’ feet are more stable on the ground when they get up. Our ward sister is delighted to have an additional ultra low bed to improve our all round care to patients.’

Littlehampton Swimming Club will use their windfall to fund additional higher level coaching courses and a number of resistance training aids. Denise Hunter, Chairperson of the club.

‘Our swimmers continue to improve and are moving upwards through county, regional and even national rankings. This is thanks in part to the generosity of grants and financial assistance obtained by the club, thus enabling them to improve training methods and coaching expertise. We are most grateful that the members of Littlehampton Bonfire Society chose us to be one of their beneficiaries – we are deeply touched that they decided we would benefit from the proceeds of the street collections.’

Said Peter Austin, Project Manager of Arun Co-ordinated Community Transport,

‘In 2013/14 Arun Co-ordinated Community Transport transported 45,608 disabled and elderly service users. Many people within the community rely on this transport and there is evidence that the service makes a valuable contribution to their wellbeing, health and place in the community. Without the continued support from groups such as Littlehampton Bonfire Society we could not carry on providing affordable transport for our local community.’

Other donations made by the society benefited various local charities and good causes who assisted with Bonfire Night, and members of the society undertook their traditional delivery of Christmas food parcels to local elderly and housebound residents.

Local charities and good causes are now invited to apply to become beneficiaries of the street collection at this year’s Traditional Bonfire Celebrations on Saturday 31st October. Said bonfire society secretary, Richard Cooper,

‘We need to know from applicants how much funding they are seeking, what specific project it is for, and how it will benefit the local community. We are aware that many organisations are currently finding fund raising for their particular projects very difficult. We help fund local projects, so our spectators on Bonfire Night know that their donations to our collecting buckets will directly benefit the local community.’

Applications must be in writing to Richard at 46, Kent Road, Littlehampton, BN17 6LQ or by email to, and must be received by the closing date of Monday 1st June.

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