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Directors, Officers, and Committee 2021

Please see below for the list of the society’s directors, officers and committee.

Directors LBS

  • Barry Bastable
  • George Pewsey
  • Joan Newman
  • Sarah Roberts
  • Glenn Donaldson
  • Tyndall Jones
  • David Wilson.

Officers of Committee

  • Chairman: Barry Bastable
  • Vice-Chairman: George Pewsey
  • Commander in Chief: Barry Bastable
  • Chief Parade Marshal: Glenn Donaldson
  • Treasurer: Sarah Roberts
  • Secretary: Joan Newman
  • Membership Secretary: Charlotte Grimes
  • Captain of Torches: Mick Rowbotham
  • PR/Newsletter Secretary: Sue Baker

General Committee

  • Tyndall Jones
  • Jeffrey Driver
  • Geoff Preistnall
  • Stuart Capelin

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