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Message from the Chairman

Barry Bastable, Chairman

Welcome! May I introduce myself, as the new Chairman of the Littlehampton Bonfire Society for 2021 and [hopefully] for many years to come. My name is Barry Bastable and I am also the society’s Commander in Chief for our event. Following our AGM which took place in February of this year, I am pleased to say that we have a new committee which consists of persons of varying experience and age who bring different ideas and both modern and traditional ways of working in order to meet the ever growing demands of putting together an event such as ours!

The past year has presented all of us with many challenges and imposed many pressures on our communities and our personal lives. The committee of LBS and I recognise the happiness that our event can bring is more important now than ever. Over the years we have raised many thousands of pounds for many local charities and brought joy to our community. Therefore, with this in mind, I would personally like to put out a request for volunteers for all of the various roles throughout the year which are necessary for our event, so that we may raise money and hopefully be able to beat the record!

The committee are incredibly positive and in order to adapt to the ever growing pressures we have made changes to continue to bring you a traditional event for the community of Littlehampton! Hopefully these changes will ensure we can run for another 60 years. We also have our fingers crossed that Covid becomes a thing of the past.

I hope the community of Littlehampton and beyond will be pleased to hear of the committee’s positivity and that our plans for a 2021 event are well underway. To ensure this event is as big and as well attended as previous years, we need the community of Littlehampton and beyond to join in, whether it be walking groups, bands, floats or other Bonfire Societies entering our procession. If anyone reading this is interested in taking part, please contact the society’s secretary for more information: Joan Newman ( We also require volunteers for assisting throughout the remainder of 2021 with our fundraising events / stalls, assistance throughout the year making torches, dipping torches in the lead up to the event, assistance with building / guarding the bonfire and marshalling the event. Please note all roles that are required to be filled will be advertised later in the year via our Facebook page, society website and via the Gazette. However, should you feel interested now in fulfilling any of the above roles please contact Joan Newman for more information. If you would like to join as a member please contact the society’s membership secretary Charlotte Grimes ( who will ensure you are welcomed and that you have all the information you require. The society welcomes new members, they are vital if the society is to have a long term future.

Lastly, as you may be aware our event costs approximately £30,000 a year! I know more than ever that companies and our supporters have been feeling the pinch and pressures of the pandemic. The committee and I have been incredibly touched by the level of financial support offered over the years on which we continue to depend. May I ask that if any person or company in a position to donate towards our event supports us? Other ways of supporting us can be to donate bits and bobs for our market / fundraising stalls or by gift vouchers or other means that we can use to raise money.

I am sure I can speak for us all when I say we all need a spark or two in our lives this year. LBS plans to set off with a bang in October! May I end by thanking everyone for all their continued support and well wishes. I hope to continue to serve LBS as Chairman for many more years to come and look forward to meeting you all on Saturday the 30th October 2021
Kind Regards

Barry Bastable
LBS Chairman

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  1. Hi
    Great news!! We have some bits and bobs ready to send to charity. You are very welcome to it. Just let me know where to take it.

    1. Thank you Pauline, that’s very kind. Please could you email us at and we’ll sort something out.

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