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2023 Cancellation

We hoped for the best, but unfortunately, the 2023 event has had to be cancelled due to poor weather.

It was deemed to be too unsafe to continue. We’re absolutely devastated, but we need to ensure things are safe, and we were just unable to do this.

The 2023 event may be a no-go, but be assured that Littlehampton Bonfire Society, its committee, and its members will be soon forging ahead with the plans for 2024.

We burn to do good.

15 thoughts on “2023 Cancellation

  1. When will you light the bonfire??

    1. That’s to be sorted out.

  2. So very sorry for all involved in this mammoth task, provided to bring pleasure to so many. We are indebted to you every year, wish you well & be assured you are appreciated. Gerry & Keith

    1. Thank you. We’ll be back next year!

    2. Yes I totally Agee with your comment,they do work hard to give the local people
      a good evening .and gets all the local people out .no one can control the weather.

      1. Thank you!

  3. Does anyone know of the funfair will still be running? Thanks

    1. Fun fare has gone due to high tides coming within a couple of metres of their equipment which is their livelihoods … so gutted for Littlehampton bonfire committee with all the time & hard work you’ve all put in .. so sorry for you

  4. What will happen to the bonfire pile then? Was there on Thursday 26th and it was huge!

    1. It will most likely be lit at some point soon.

  5. So sorry – am new to Littlehampton Community and was well excited to see – thankyou for all your hard work. I look forward to next year.

  6. So sorry for you all. The hard work you all put in is amazing.perhaps have a summer celebration to raise funds and have the fireworks and bonfire. ????????

  7. Very sorry for all the hard work that has been put in to make this a good evening ,but safety must come first.
    I saw the people working hard in the week building the big disappointed.
    Still pouring with rain.

    1. Thanks for you comment

  8. So very sorry to hear this. As a member of a Bonfire Society, I know only too well the hard work and effort that you put in to make these nights such a success for the community. Keep burning!

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