Job Description – Captain of Torches

Torch Sticks

  • Ensure torch sticks are ordered as necessary (currently ordered by SR). Torch sticks should be 34 – 36 inches long and ¾ – 1-inch diameter
  • Ensure torch stick order ready by an agreed date
  • Arrange collection of torch sticks


  • Ring around to check if any sacking available (currently rung by TJ)
  • Arrange collection of sacking
  • Try to obtain other sources of sacking donations as necessary


  • Request donation of wire from. Currently order 1.0mm Weldability A18 mild steel MIG welding wire (not galvanised) as advised by RJ 27.3.2013
  • Arrange for the wire to be cut to the minimum length of 120 cm (4 feet)

Torch Making

  • Maintain record of torch container keys issued
  • Oil padlocks and hinges regularly
  • Ensure axes are sharpened regularly
  • Ensure torch container kept tidy and rubbish removed regularly
  • Maintain 1st aid kit kept in torch container
  • Set torch making dates based on members’ availability forms and advise PR/newsletter for inclusion in April members’ letter
  • Try to encourage members to attend torch making sessions
  • Arrange unlocking and locking of torch containers
  • Supervise torch making to ensure torches made correctly (in particular sacking cut to suitable size and torches are wired securely). In particular teach and supervise new volunteers
  • Decide on cancellation of torch making sessions in the event of adverse weather etc
  • Ensure torch making volunteers are advised of cancelled sessions due to adverse weather etc
  • Maintain record of number of torches made at each session
  • Agree total number of torches to be made for year with Commander in Chief based on replies from societies

Torch Dipping

  • Calculate amount of paraffin to be ordered and agree with Commander in Chief
  • Order paraffin at least 5 weeks before Bonfire Night
  • Supervise torch dipping to ensure torches properly dipped and loaded onto the torch lorry
  • Maintain permanent records of the number of torches dipped, the number of torches used and paraffin used

Day After Bonfire Night

  • Ensure unused torches safely returned to torch container

For Year End Accounts

  • Advise treasurer of number of the following in stock as at 31st December each year (i.e. after Bonfire Night):
    • Bundles of unused torch sticks
    • Made torches
    • Unopened 4 litre containers of paraffin
  • Advise treasurer of number of torches made in year