LBS Archive Project

The Littlehampton Bonfire Society Archive Project aims to create a comprehensive archive of the history of the Littlehampton Bonfire Society. We’re seeking the input from our members and the public so that we can source and record and document it, preserving it for future generations. We would welcome anything you feel may be of interest.

Oral History

Do you have personal stories or anecdotes of the society, or of the bonfire evenings themselves? Maybe you have tales of other events the society has attended, or run? Recording such accounts is vital and provides future generations with a candid, and relatable experience.

  • We could record stories as either video or just audio. You could either read or recall your personal account, or it could be done in an interview style.
  • Alternatively, your stories and anecdotes could be supplied written, or transcribed from the recordings.
  • If you allowed, having a photograph of yourself to accompany your account would be hugely appreciated.

Audio and Visual Media

Perhaps you have photos, videos, or audio recordings directly relating to either the society or events it has held or attended? We would appreciate the opportunity to gather these, digitizing where necessary and securing them for the future.

  • Photographic slides and prints are acceptable. We will scan and digitize them if needed.
  • VHS, or other video types will also be digitized.
  • Attribution will accompany each piece unless you inform us otherwise. All original items will be returned to you.

Physical Artefacts

Throughout the years many of us have collected items related to the society and the bonfire celebrations. No matter how insignificant something might seem, we would love to see it and document it. All items would be photographed/scanned, or otherwise suitably recorded and then returned.

  • Bonfire Programmes. Especially the older programmes would be welcomed.
  • Badges and patches.
  • Costumes. Current or not. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your childhood costume, or it’s now just too fragile to put on. Either way, we would be delighted to document it.
  • Anything else! If it’s somehow related to the society or the events we put on, we would be grateful to see them. Potential items, could include, but are not limited to:
    • Lanyards, name tags, wristbands etc: If you were part of the events in some way, do you have some memorabilia?
    • Firework remnants: Were you lucky enough to find a discarded rocket tube?
    • Peddler’s wares: In particular, older or historic items are of interest.
    • Flyers & Posters, or other printed media.

Anything Else

If you have something not previously mentioned, please let us know. Thanks.

Get in Touch

In all instances, please send initial communications to the main society email account. We will contact you for further information. Thank you.