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Celebration Safety


Drones, also known as small unmanned aircraft, have become increasingly popular over the past few years. There are a few rules that need to be adhered to. This is to ensure that they are operated safely. The rules and regulations regarding drones are always changing so please see the links below to read about your legal obligations whilst flying drones.

Please do not fly drones or other craft over the procession route or near the bonfire and firework display. Doing so may force the event to be cancelled.

Our society does not have a set costume and most are acceptable other than camouflage and hoops. These are jumpers or tops in bands of colours that are only used for our torch marshals.

Our bonfire society is well known for the amazing Native American outfits and our Tudor costumes. These costumes can be handmade or bought.

We also have a number of cowboys and girls at our out meetings and this costume could be a good starter. The minimum requirement for this costume is black jeans/trousers or skirt, check shirt, neckerchief, and hat. Of course, more elaborate cowboys and girls are welcome too. Many add waistcoats, badges, and other eye-catching details. No trainers to be worn.

For the American Native costumes, these can start as a basic costume and be added to as you wish to make the costume unique to you.