Why Become a Member?

Each year, we rely heavily on members and volunteers to help us put on the celebrations each year. The bonfire celebrations don’t ‘just happen’, there’s a dedicated group of people working voluntarily to ensure that it does. We are always in need of new members and volunteers coming forward to help us out.

Members get to say how the society is run and can put themselves forward for the committee.

We host a number of social events throughout the year, and members can walk in our procession. We also attend a number of other societies’ bonfire nights as a walking group, and they are always lots of fun.

Reasons to Join

  • The small membership fee helps the society greatly
  • Members get a say on how the society is run
  • You can stand for the committee
  • You can join in the bonfire night processions of other societies, which are lots of fun
  • Invitation to various social events, which are also very fun
  • You will receive regular newsletters
  • The society cannot function without members

How to Join

Joining the society is very easy, and you can do so in several ways: